Moving Day

For months (if we want to be generous) I’ve been saying that I’ve been working on something new for the blog: a complete reinvention.

And it keeps not happening.

Now it has. Just… not here.

The new version is over here. It’s still a work-in-progress (there are some things you just can’t figure out until a site goes live), and I expect it will be for a while. But I have plans, and I’m really excited about it. It means that this version of the site is going to be mothballed (so, update your bookmarks and RSS feeds), but I think the change is worth it.

Come take a look, won’t you?

Weekend Reading (11 January 2014)

The Atlantic: How Netflix Reverse Engineered Hollywood

Yes, of course I wanted to meet [Todd] Yellin. He had become my Wizard of Oz, the man who made the machine, the human whose intelligence and sensibility I’d been tracking through the data.

At our interview, Yellin turned to me and said, “I’ve been waiting for someone to bubble up like this for years.”

Overindulgent (December 2013 in Review)

I kind of can’t believe it’s January already. December seemed to disappear on me. But the holidays went well and I’m feeling refreshed and ready to get back to work.

That’s really all I needed.

27 December 2013

In December, I…

… refused to think about writing. At all. I haven’t been happy with the way things have been going with my writing the last few months. I needed to take some time off without feeling guilty about it. And… I think it helped. I’m still not certain how I want to proceed, but I’m ready to start thinking about it again.

… did a lot of baking. Big surprise. Most of the recipes I went with this year were tried-and-true, but I did try these Chocolate Chip Ginger-Molasses Cookies (they were amazing) and I made chocolate mousse from scratch (which was perfect. Use high-quality chocolate, the sort you’d happily eat on its own).

I’m still thinking about a proper year-in-review thing; it’s probably going to happen in the middle of the month (to go with the major revamp of the blog). In the meantime, the 2013 month-in-review posts are almost as good:

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